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Great Review of the Downey Book!

I just stumbled across this reader review of Robert Downey Jr. from Brat to Icon: Essays on the Film Career, posted on

"One of the best collections of essays on an actor's career that I have ever had the pleasure to purchase and read. Think you know RDJ from Iron Man and the Avengers? Or the past tabloid headlines? This academic, yet highly readable volume goes much further than his iconic recent roles, his entire career is examined with insight that rises above mere reviews of individual performances. When you buy this book you get an unbiased appreciation of his work and insight into what makes him tick, not only as a performer, but as a human being. This isn't a bunch of fan girls writing gushing fluff pieces, these essays are written by highly academically qualified writers who will give you a new understanding of RDJ's individuals roles and the arc of his career. The biography that is included near the end of the book is bar none, the best and most balanced I have ever read on one of the very best actors of his generation."

Thanks, "L.A. Adolf," despite your rather provocative name!

Here's the link:

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