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Downey and TIFF

UPDATE: I have now finished the proofreading and index for Robert Downey Jr. from Brat to Icon!

It's scheduled to be printed on September 18 and I'm so excited! Can't wait to see how it looks all together.

On Thursday, September 4, I traveled to Toronto to promote the book at the Gala World Premiere of Downey's latest film, The Judge. Because of my hot pink dress and enormous sign (the cover of the book), Sook-Yin Lee of CBC Radio One stopped to interview me about the book, my "obsession" (her word!) with RDJ, and, slightly incongruously, Mordecai Richler (who will always be my favourite author). You might be able to catch a few soundbites from the interview this Saturday at 1:30 pm on

Here's a pic of Sook-Yin Lee courtesy of ideacityonline.


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